No battlecruisers

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No battlecruisers

Post  kosovohp on Thu Feb 24, 2011 5:04 am

No battlecruisers were ordered after the three Invincible-class ships in 1905 until Indefatigable became the lone battlecruiser of the 190809 Naval Programme. A new Liberal Government had taken power in January 1906 and demanded reductions in naval spending, and the Admiralty submitted a reduced programme, requesting dreadnoughts but no battlecruisers. The Cabinet rejected this proposal in favor of two outmoded armoured cruisers but finally acceded to a request for one battlecruiser instead, after the Admiralty pointed out the need to match the recently published German naval construction plan and to maintain the heavy gun and armour industries. Indefatigable's outline design was prepared in March 1908, and the final design, slightly larger than Invincible with a revised protection arrangement, was approved in November 1908. A larger design with more armour and better underwater protection was rejected as too expensive.[4]

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