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ringing buyers in
Here's why we strongly recommend our Open House Program. Consider this startling fact: almost 3 of every 4 homebuyers visit at least one open house. Although not everyone decides to hold an Open House, our commitment to our industry-leading program has turned it into an especially powerful marketing technique. Weichert Open Houses across the country lead directly to thousands of home sales each year. You never know, the neighbor we invite just may know the perfect buyer for your house!
Weichert holds more Open Houses than anyone else because we understand how to make them work so well for our clients. More than just an Open House, in fact, our Open House Program is a 3-step process. We've learned that what's done beforehand and after are just as important to selling your home as the Open House itself.
Step one: Use every means to drive customers to attend.
Online and traditional advertising
Direct mail and/or phone calling targeted people
The familiar Weichert signs, pointers and balloons
Step two: Don't just "show" the home, conduct tours.
Explain your home's benefits using detailed highlight sheets
Emphasize its affordability by presenting several mortgage options
Knowing the answers to questions to overcome objections or concerns
Step three: Follow up.
Contact every visitor who signed the guest registry
Usually with a phone call or email within 24 hours
Provide feedback to sellers

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