In a brief radio

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In a brief radio

Post  kosovohp on Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:19 am

In a brief radio address after order had been restored, Diệm dismissed the attack as an "isolated act" and attributed his escape to "divine protection".[1] He visited the soldiers wounded in the attacks, and also promised the rebel pilots' colleagues that they would not bear any responsibility for the bombing. American President John F. Kennedy promptly sent a message denouncing the attack as a "destructive and vicious act", and expressed relief that Diệm was "safe and unharmed".[4] US ambassador Frederick Nolting determined that the attack had been the result of "two isolated cases" and opined that the incident did not represent widespread dissatisfaction with the regime.[10] The absence of a Vietcong reaction led Nolting to label the bombing as a "limited scope, anti-Communist assassination attempt".[11] The National Assembly, Diệm's rubber stamp legislative body, urged the president to "take drastic measures against irresponsible elements".[4] General Duong Van Minh, the presidential military advisor, attributed the assault to "disgruntled pilots",[11] and noted that no hostile troop movements had occurred.[11] The Civil Guard had remained loyal and its commander ordered his airborne forces to take over Tan Son Nhut Air Base.[9] A spokesperson for Diệm also denied that napalm had been used against the palace. This was widely believed to be due to the fact that the government was sensitive to the ramifications of the air force being revealed to have such weapons in their stocks.[8] He also claimed that the situation was under “complete control”.[8]

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Re: In a brief radio

Post  heroisthai on Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:54 am

Quoc was imprisoned for his actions, while Cu remained in exile in Cambodia where he worked as a language teacher.[1] Diệm asked Cambodia to extradite Cu, but this request was refused.[5] Cambodia’s Prince Norodom Sihanouk and Diệm had extremely hostile relations, and the Ngo family had tried to depose him in the past by funding coup attempts. In 1959, Nhu tried to assassinate Sihanouk by sending him a parcel bomb.[12] As a result, Sihanouk routinely gave asylum to political refugees who had tried to depose or kill Diệm. In November 1960, he had given asylum to a group of paratroopers who tried to depose Diệm.[13]

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