The elements of a passive

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The elements of a passive

Post  kosovohp on Sat Dec 11, 2010 2:49 am

The elements of a passive linear electrical network consist of inductors, capacitors and resistors which have the properties of inductance, elastance (inverse capacitance) and resistance, respectively. The mechanical counterparts of these properties are, respectively, mass, stiffness and damping. In most electronic filter designs, only inductor and capacitor elements are used in the body of the filter (although the filter may be terminated with resistors at the input and output). Resistances are not present in a theoretical filter composed of ideal components and only arise in practical designs as unwanted parasitic elements. Likewise, a mechanical filter would ideally consist only of components with the properties of mass and stiffness, but in reality some damping is present as well.[1]
The mechanical counterparts of voltage and electric current in this type of analysis are, respectively, force (F) and velocity (v) and represent the signal waveforms. From this, a mechanical impedance can be defined in terms of the imaginary angular frequency, jω, which entirely follows the electrical analogy.[2][3]

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