Planning and agreements

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Planning and agreements

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In 1922, the Reclamation Service presented a report calling for the development of a dam on the Colorado for flood control and electric power generation. The report was principally authored by Davis, and was called the Fall-Davis report after Interior Secretary Albert Fall. The Fall-Davis report cited use of the Colorado River as a federal concern, because the river's basin covered several states, and the river itself eventually entered Mexico.[11] Though the Fall-Davis report called for a dam "at or near Boulder Canyon", the Reclamation Service (which was renamed the Bureau of Reclamation the following year) found that canyon unsuitable.[12] One potential site at Boulder Canyon was bisected by a geologic fault; two others were so narrow there was no space for a construction camp at the bottom of the canyon[12] or for a spillway. The Service investigated Black Canyon and found it ideal; a railway could even be laid from the railhead in Las Vegas to the top of the dam site.[13] Despite the site change, the dam project was referred to as the "Boulder Canyon Project".[14]

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